The Lost Patch

With all the buzz about patch 3.10 we, well I, sorta forgot all about the lil patch in between .08 and .1… oopsie

So far the only priest change listed is the long hoped for time increase to Inner Fire (30 min duration – up from 10!)

In 3.09 Rogues have quite a few changes though…

HFB – damage increasing from 3% to 5% per stack (guess we know why it jumps to 15% in a single stack in 3.10 now don’t we?)

Mind Numbing Poison changed from 60% reduced cast time to 30%. (meh… who cares?)

Mutilate damage bonus on poisoned target going down from 50% to 20% (my priest thanks you blizzard… now I may have a fighting chance once the all too long stun sequence is complete – hey at least I can get a heal off or something)

Slice and Dice – increased attack speed up from 30% to 40%. (This is a good across the board change for rogues that should help us struggle a little less on recount)


Rogue 3.1

* Hunger for Blood – instead of a self-buff; this ability can only be used when there is a bleed effect on the target. However, it has no stacks and grants a 15% damage bonus.   

The old HfB increased damage by 3% and stacked 3 times (at 30e a pop). (plus a bleed effect remover thingy)

OK HFB probably costs too much energy for three stacks and stacking on skills like this is just plain annoying (read – stupid). So, taking away stacks is good. But do mut rogues really NEED another 6% damage on top of the 9% already granted by three stacks?!? I don’t think so. Though I speak not from experience – only from combat jealousy. BUFF US PLZ?

p.s. please note it doesn’t specify (yet) that the bleed effect has to be the rogue’s to use this…

* Adrenaline Rush – the cooldown on this ability has been lowered.    

Speaking of combat buffs… /yay! /dance

Now I wonder, is the AR glyph being modified?

* Lightning Reflexes – reduced to 3 ranks. In addition to 2/4/6% dodge, this talent now also grants 4/7/10% passive melee haste.    

This is good… except now I have to figure out how to fit it into my spec >< /sigh I had it all worked out w/no partial talents! *grumble* /emo

* Killing Spree – while this ability is active, the rogue does 20% additional damage.    




* Savage Combat – now causes 2/4% physical damage done.    

OK so is this replacing the current increase to physical damage on poisoned mobs? Do they still need to be poisoned? Or is this also replacing the AP buff (sad panda)?

* Mace Specialization – this talent now grants haste in addition to armor penetration.

Well they are trying to get us 4 viable weapon class options… (p.s. rogue really shouldn’t be using maces anyway if you want to get all RP about it…)

All and all it looks like we are getting some love… but will it be enough to keep combat competitive in the end game? It doesn’t seem like it TBH (at least not yet), but at least we’re on the path now.

Disc is OP (or 3.10 Priest Changes)

First don’t get the wrong idea… Discipline Priests are not really OP – just in comparison with past history. I think we’re quite well balanced overall (could use some group heal lovin’ but we’ll get to that).

In the next patch it looks like Disc priests are getting some well needed lovin’, Holy Priests are getting some PvP attention and AoE heals are getting some (positive) attention.

What’s that you ask? What about Shadow Priests? Meh… I thought they were already pretty ridiculous in PvP so I’m ignoring the buff they are getting >< (SEE NO EVIL)

Holy and PvP – lol wut? No more yummy discipline PvP dominance??!?!? *sad panda* I guess I’ll allow this… >.> but only because I’m tired of the whining!

Warrior Notes (yes warrior… you’ll like it, I promise!)

You now gain rage when damage done to you is absorbed. Srsly? this is one of the best changes for a disc priest period. HELLO LOVE and good bye sniviling warriors… please to tank for meh?)

Divine Spirit

Trainable spell for any priest!! This is a good thing 🙂 The best thing about this is the proposed talent to take it’s place…

Power Word: Barrier

New talent in the Discipline tree, this is an AoE shield of some sort. Not much else is known at this time but it’s got my approval. I was just telling one of our druids the other day that an AoE shield of some sort would have been the perfect Discipline talent.

Then only negative here that I can see is that based on the name alone… it sounds as if it will be some sort of barrier around the priest that you have to be in range of (or within)… rather than use it and all group members w/in X yards will be shielded. It’s just like blizzard to do something lame like that… yanno?

Additionally I doubt the AoE shield will be a mere 20 point talent… so be prepared for a complete rearranging of the Disc tree and we all know what that means… FREE RESPEC!!

AoE Heal Lovin!

PoH – This does not sound like a smart heal change (which is what we have been hoping for). It sounds like you have to target someone now to cast (ugh) and that is the party you cast it on (yay for better). WTB raidwide smart heal! I mean COME. ON. it’s a three second cast… with no talents to decrease it!


Add it to Divine Fury… 🙂

HN – mana cost has been reduced. (and on that day there were many dancing in the chapel) That’s one issue with HN addressed (well two if you count the glyph helping it’s HPS and HPM). Now… lets just make it a tad bit larger shall we?

CoH – heals for more. It’s about time. The six second cooldown really hurt CoH. It was a miserly heal that was only worth using because it was instant and you could spam it. Even with that it often couldn’t keep up with a lot of incoming damage. It currently heals for about 1/3 of what wild growth heals for (based on tooltip info only), so if they double it’s current strength it will still heal for 2/3 wild growth thus compensating for the 10 points difference in the talent tree (assuming I’m right about it currently only healing for 1/3 wg).

Penance – can now be cast on the priest. YUM. I thought it was crazy that I could channel heal someone who was 40 yards away… but I couldn’t channel to myself 0 yards away. This is a good change.

Serendipity – now reduces the cast time of Greater Heal and Prayer of Healing when Binding Heal or Flash Heal are cast. I don’t know if this is in addition to its old ability or in place of. It’s nice to see a PoH cast time reduction… too bad I’ll never benefit from it ><

Last but not least (again) nothing says lovin’ like some FREE RESPEC’N!!!

All things considered, I’M COMPLETELY ESTATIC ABOUT THE NEXT PATCH!!!! (OK so this is only true because I’m choosing to completely ignore the mana regen changes that are pending… more on that another day)

Shield Glyph, I <3 You

Well I replaced my Fheal glyph with the shield glyph to run some BGs last night and I LOVE THIS LITTLE JEWEL. It’s very close to the love I had for the first incarnation of the dispel magic glyph.





fun, fun, fun, fun, fun – but the most wonderful thing about t… oops sorry got carried away there.

Tiny Priest Takes the Plunge!

Oh no! Not that plunge… We could also call this post “Discipline, How Sweet Thou Art” (and believe you me – it is oh so sweet). After weeks of making excuses as to why I couldn’t respec just yet, I finally “just did it”. Nike would be proud – (possibly both of them). Don’t get the reference? Read up on pop culture in the 90s and Greek Mythology.

I might have mentioned that I spent some time healing as disc in BC. So, why should it be so difficult for me to make the switch now? In BC disc healing was still a lot like Holy healing (IMO to the best of my recollection) In today’s game – it is an entire shift of healing style.

Proactive v. Reactive

Penance is quite possible the best healing talent/spell in the game – EVER – Yes, it is THAT good. At first read it doesn’t “seem” that great TBH. I was meh about it when I first saw it. You really have to “see” this talent in action to fully appreciate it. It’s like a greater heal that takes less time to cast and if you get interrupted… it still heals for 33-66% of it’s total healing ability. Plus YOU GET MANA RETURNS! What happens if you stop your Gheal midcast? Nothing. Nil. Zip. Nada. Zilch. (except your tank might get too low and die… we all know what follows the tank dying)

Fheal? Barely touched it last night. Though I would imagine healing in heroics may require a bit more Fhealing than raids… I’ve only done one heroic as Discipline so I’ll get back to you on this one.

Shield… I loathed shield and scoffed at priests who spent three talents improving such a mana sink.

Every time you are able to shield, cast penance and PoM – you do (even when you don’t “need to” – this lets you keep grace x 3 on your tank). Penance and PoM are the highest HPM single target spells we priests have. Don’t get me started on the wonders of Penance again. Please.


I can’t decide whether to replace my fheal or HN glyph with the shield glyph (keeping my PoH glyph TYVM). Glyphed HN is really nice for fights like Loken (heroic HoL) and Loetheb (naxx). Fheal I don’t really use and OOM isn’t really an issue (so far)… so /shrug. I guess my best course of action is to try replacing the Fheal glyph with the shield glyph and see how it goes. I can always change it later.

Anyhow… that’s it for today.

Tiny Priest Hits 80!

Well, I hit level 80 over the extended weekend. /yay I also earned the Northrend Dungeon Master title (apparently I had yet to do the CoT instance on my priest).

Priest report as follows:

Holy Respec (batman)

I figured with two resto shamans there was a good chance my IDS buff would be useless in raids. Now I could have just moved the two points (and that was the original plan), but from Meditation to DS there are six talents points that need spending… all for a whopping 20 SP (for just DS). That’s seven talents total for 20 SP. 20 SP is hardly worth seven talent points IMO. I was also was a bit unhappy with my performance in my first Heroic (HoS) as a healer. So, I went with a pretty standard 14/57 build (from 23/48 build).


What I didn’t take into account when looking at dropping DS was mp5. I think I lost a huge chunk of mana regen… and I detest mp5 as a stat on gear (probably the #1 reason I was a Hpriest in the first place). Mana regen was a bit of a problem for me in a couple of heroics over the weekend, but it wasn’t an issue in Naxx at all. Of course by the time I got to Naxx on Tuesday night I managed to FINALLY shed my PMC and WM BC tailoring sets…

Anyhow… I suck at remembering (or using properly) Guardian Spirit. I’m sure I just need to get used to it, so I’m not giving up just yet. I am going to respec again tonight and move around a few points… I find that I don’t use Gheal that much now that I’m out of normal dungeons it’s back to Fheal most of the time. I’ve also started using PoH like a madwoman! I ❤ PoH (maybe it’s the new glyph? /shrug). I have also ran into some issues with pushback in heroics…

So, my solution is to drop Improved Healing and Test of Faith in favor of Healing Focus, Holy Reach and Healing Prayers. I mainly took Holy Reach to avoid partial talents – I’m not all that excited about it. I am excited about Healing Prayers though… CoH –> PoH –> HN x 2 rinse and repeat as needed works out pretty well for party healing. PoH really zaps my mana though… so I’m hoping increasing its HPM will help. I am a little sad to drop Test of Faith… but I just keep telling myself that I’ll reach the point of diminishing returns on crit soon enough…
Glyphs Finalized

So the SoR and DM glyphs took a bit of a hit with this patch… *sad panda* The only major glyph I have that’s still the same is my Fheal glyph. I’ve replaced SoR and DM with the PoH and HN glyphs. The shield glyph was in the running as well… but the only person I really ever cast shield on is myself and I have DP for dire emergencies… so it remains a disc spec glyph for me.

Overall, I’m fairly pleased with the results so far.

Next post I’ll gab about my Heroic experiences and Naxx.

Tiny Priest on Glyphs

With the coming changes to the Dispel Magic Glyph, and the possibility of a respec on the horizon, I thought it time to rethink my glyph choices. Right now, as a level 77 Holy Priest I am using the Glyph of Dispel Magic and the Glyph of Flash Heal in my Major Glyph slots. I have the Glyph of Spirit of Redemption waiting in the wings (read: bank) when I ding 80. My minor glyphs are the fortitude, shadow protection and levitate glyphs.

Here’s a List of Glyphs I find useful as a healing priest:


 Glyph of Dispel Magic – Your Dispel Magic spell also heals your target for 6% of maximum health.

Glyph of Holy Nova – Your Holy Nova spell heals for an additional 40%, but deals 40% less damage.

Glyph of Flash Heal – Reduces the mana cost of your Flash Heal by 10%.

Glyph of Power Word: Shield – Your Power Word: Shield also heals the target for 20% of the absorption amount.

Glyph of Prayer of Healing – Your Prayer of Healing spell also heals an additional 20% of its initial heal over 6 sec.

Glyph of Spirit of Redemption – All heals cast while Spirit of Redemption is active have a 20% chance to increase the remaining duration of Spirit of Redemption by 5 sec.


Glyph of Fortitude – Reduces the mana cost of your Power Word: Fortitude and Prayer of Fortitude spells by 50%.

Glyph of Levitate – Your Levitate spell no longer requires a reagent.

Glyph of Shadow Protection – Increases the duration of your Shadow Protection and Prayer of Shadow Protection spells by 10 min.

Glyph of Shadowfiend (- Receive 5% of your maximum mana if your Shadowfiend dies from damage.


[Tiny Irate Priest’s rant]

I love(d) the Glyph of Dispel Magic! Seriously, I cast DM all the time. This lil puppy made it like a insta-mini-flash heal! And it can CRIT!!! I’m none too happy about the nerf from 6% to 3%, I mean come on… 1500 –1800 is not that much on a tank with 25 – 30k health. If I stay Holy I might just replace it with the Holy Nova or PoH glyph to help compensate for the upcoming CoH 6 sec cooldown.


[Tiny Irate Priest’s tangent]

Why o why are they putting a CD on CoH????! WHY I ASK YOU??? Yes, I know Druids are getting a CD on their new Wild Growth talent because people are worried it ruins Chain Healing or some such RUBBISH (which btw it totally doesn’t… so say the trees). We’ve had CoH for over a year now… it’s been fine w/out a cooldown all that time.

[/end tangent] [/end rant]

 I may drop my minor Glyph of Shadow Protection in favor of the Shadowfiend Glyph. I originally thought to use the friend glyph, but then another priest says “how often does your shadowfiend really die from damage?” “Rarely”, was my disheartened reply. Then yesterday, I was reading the “Discipline Priest PVE Healing F.A.Q” over on and there was a really good point in there regarding the friend glyph. As follows:

Glyph of Shadowfiend – This minor glyph that i would consider fairly major (pun intended). We all know that shadowfiend may sometimes die when we would prefer it not to. This glyph will return 5% of your maximum mana when your shadowfiend dies from damage. This is obviously good for us since our maximum mana pools are typically large, due to our focus on intellect. This can actually be beneficial in another way, as you can wait until your shadowfiend duration is almost over ANYWAYS, and then attempt to position it where it will die from something. This tactic can be extremely rewarding if you can manage to pull it off correctly.

HMMM. A very good idea, I just dunno if I can pull it off… I have a (bad) habit of only needing/using my friend when I’m very desperate… Either way it is worth a try.

I’m fairly content with the other two minor glyph choices.

 Let’s take a look at major glyphs, first from a holy spec view, then from a disc spec view.

 Glyph of Flash Heal – Almost a must have, or so I thought before I started leveling my priest. I’m finding, as a holy priest in LK, I cast FH less and less. Haste has made GH all the more appealing. In BC I only cast Greaters between pulls; during combat I went around flashing everyone (no not that kind of flash). I will probably keep this until I hit 80 and start healing raids, then I can judge by how much I use flash at that point.

 Glyph of Dispel Magic – I hate the purple highlighted unit frames! I also hated loosing heal time to the 1.5s GCD after casting Dispel Magic. This little gem was like manna from the heavens. I say was… don’t make me go there again, just scroll up if you need a refresher.

 Glyph of Spirit of Redemption – 1 in 5 chance to extend your SoR by 5 seconds. I don’t think I need to say much more about how vital those extra five seconds (or possible multiple five seconds given there doesn’t “appear” to be an internal CD) could be.

 Glyph of Holy Nova – This glyph makes HN surpass CoH in HPS and also in HPM up till about 2k SP (see the PlusHeal forums for more info). Yay! That should help deal with the incoming nerf to CoH AMIRITE??!? Not really, HN still has crap range. The last place I want to be is a measly 15 yards away from my MT (read: the BOSS). It also still only works for people in your party. Meh, but still worth consideration (maybe because I’ve always thought HN was just fun to jump spam with).

 Glyph of Prayer of Healing – This Glyph makes an already efficient heal even more so. With this glyph PoH becomes the run away winner in terms of total healing done, HPS and HPM. The only problem with PoH is that it takes so farging long to cast! With enough haste (or lucky trinket procs) this weakness can be minimized.

**note there is a CoH glyph, but I do not find it necessary to heal an extra person with a raid – wide, smart target heal. YMMV

***also of note is that it’s the author’s opinion that the Shield glyph is a total waste for a holy priest.

The discipline spec perspective is somewhat different.

 Glyph of Shield – This is THE disc priest glyph. If you are a disc priest and you don’t have this, then I would probably be forced to think you were nutso unless you had a VERY good explanation.

 Glyph of Flash Heal – some disc priests use FH as their main heal when penance is on CD and they aren’t shielding someone. I have yet to play my priest as disc long enough in LK to make an educated response to this. My initial thoughts after reading up on the disc play style is that I would probably use GH instead of FH. However, field work needs to be done here in a raid environment for me to make a final decision.

 Glyph of Dispel Magic – I dunno, it seems with the loss of CoH as disc, you may want to go w/either the HN or the PoH glyph for those tight spots when you have no choice but to group heal. If you are never called upon to use group heal (or don’t need AoE heals to do so), then I would take this Glyph (don’t get me started on the nerf).

 Glyphs of HN and PoH – see info above, relate it to your play style, do some in game testing… decide.

 Tiny, sometimes irate priest signing off for now.