Another Spreadsheet Revision

Revised the HAT spreadsheet again to fix a MAJOR issue with negative DPS resulting from negative CPs used… GG me.


Addendum to Original HAT Cycle Post

I just wanted to revisit my HAT cycle post and HAT in general.

First thing with the HAT cycle, you’ll notice as your group builds gear and/or as you move into 25 mans that your CP generation will increase drastically. This is a GOOD THING… it will also require some adjustment in your finishers. You may find that you aren’t able to Hemo or BS or w/e every cycle or maybe one cycle you get two in and the next you only get one. Maybe you think vanishing and getting a garrote off every chance is a waste of time, OK so don’t do it! I find the extra 30 or so DPS nice… but it’s only thirty-ish /shrug.

The key to this build is flexibility! Split second assessment of SnD and Rupture timers along with Vanish, ShS (if you took that) and other key cooldowns is key – you need to assess where you are at and where you will most likely be when the next finisher comes up. Are you 3 seconds left with SnD and 4 with rupture? What do you do? How will you maximize the uptime of those?? In that situation your answer could be to refresh SnD with w/e CPs you have right then… then pop vanish > premed > garrote and a quick rupture. What if vanish is on CD? Hmm??

My mission each boss fight is to keep Rupture and SnD at an uptime of 100% without overwriting a rupture tick or more than 4 seconds of an SnD timer. At the same time I wanna take advantage of my ShS cooldown every thirty seconds and get a 5 pt ShS evis off. I want to vanish and garrote every time I can. Pop my trinkets at every cooldown. I monitor all that and my CPs. I could go from 1 to 5 in four or five seconds… maybe I’ll have as long as 8 “this time.”

I scoff at people who think that unbugged HAT is a mindless spec that ruins everything that rogues are about. NAY I SAY! Rogues are about DPS and quick reactions IMO. This build delivers on both fronts. This is the ONLY rogue build I’ve played in which you are never sure what your cycle is going to look like from 100 > 0 on a boss. I LOVE THAT. It makes me think. It’s a lot easier to maximize your DPS when your cycle is set in stone… you already know what cycle maximizes it (and if you’ve been playing a rogue for as long as I have – you’ve known for a VERY long time). Are you bored yet? I was.

When your CP generation is sketchy… all that you’ve taken for granted is GONE. It’s almost like being in a BG and not knowing how many horde, and what classes, are going to roll into try and yoink your flag… who’s with you right then? What’s your best course of action to stop or seriously impeded that flag carrier? Maybe I like this build because I enjoy PvP a lot. I’m not the most uber leet rogue in BGs… but I’ve earned my dues and some respect along the way. I’ve also made a newb out of myself on occasion. This build will do the same to ya… Don’t believe me? Try running it and spamming your CP generator and you’ll see what I mean.

I wanted to add a quick note on group composure. We all know that BM hunters are “like ZOMG must have in my group”. Well, what if ya don’t have any? Hmm? Like those of us still raiding 10 mans and such… Run some WWS reports and analyze them. Find out who your heavy crit’rs are. Something you may not have thought of… AoE crits count! It’s a special attack… it counts. I love being in a group with DKs… Pally healers… RET PALLIES… even a disc priest… you get the picture… don’t rely on other people to tell you who should be in your group. Run the WWS (or even a recount review is better than nothing) find out who’s critting the most and persuade your raid leaders to swap groups around for your benefit… it can only benefit the raid in the end yanno?

In closing, for those wondering about how HAT DPS will work out after the bug gets fixed, I can only offer my experience as solo HAT… It’s very viable DPSwise, at least at my current gear and PvE progression level. It’s especially viable IMO for undergeared rogues; but it does seem to scale well too… I’ve picked up at least 500 DPS over all since my first raid as HAT (and i’ve been playing the priest more and more), some of that is probably experience but I’ve got some good upgrades along the way too. Until we move up in the world I won’t comment too much on the scaling of HAT. If you’re trying out solo (or later unbugged) HAT, I urge you not to give up after a raid or two if it seems lackluster… this build takes some getting used to. Expecially if you’ve been combat as long as I was and used to that energy regen. Or maybe you just like the assurance of a set cycle… that’s OK too – just not as fun IMO.

HAT Spreadsheet Revision

I updated my HAT spreadsheet with a couple things:
~Spreadsheet now models poison damage and talents
~Sheet now allows you to select the number of CPs for SnD

Still to do:
~model garrote glyph
~model SS and glyph
~boss mob armor reduction
~model ArPen
~Hemo/SS misses/hits
~analyze WWS and find the disparities between the spreadsheet model and reality



Random Drive-by HAT Post

The sub tree has always been very appealing to me because it had all the yummy stealthy type fun stuffs in it. I was almost euphoric when the 2.1 patch came out and I got to raid as hemo spec… blow people away on the meters AND PvP well? UNPossible!

I played out BC as a combat rogue, tried sub a few times but the DPS loss was unacceptable given my leadership role in the guild – and I sorta got used to being top in the dps chain.

When I came back after a six month WoW break and saw the new LK trees, my first thought was that HAT was blizzard’s attempt at once and for all making a sub spec acceptable for raiding. I still leveled as combat because I mostly solo when I level. Once we started raiding 10 mans and I saw how little DPS the combat tree was doing, I decided to give HAT a try. I’ve been really pleased with the results.

<random kick myself in the butt moment alert>  

I shoulda screened my DPS from the pug heroic vaults run I went on a couple nights ago! #4, under a couple very well geared DKs (one from my guild and one not) and a druid (whom I didn’t check out) Not bad, given 10 FPS and a complete hair-brained attempt to manage my CPs and energy in a foreign 25-man setting

HAT Cycle (for those of you not exploiting the bug)

First of all this post is intended for rogues that aren’t exploiting the current HAT bug; we still have to manage combat cycles. HAT bug exploiters only need to know not to refresh rupture/SnD if they have more than 2 or 3 seconds left on them, eviscerate spam the rest of the time.


One of the most significant things to keep in mind with the HAT build is energy conservation. You always want to have 35 energy in the tank for your eviscerate. Yes, I know… Relentless Strikes gives you a 10e Eviscerate. However, that is +25e REFUNDED; not an upfront reduction. If you get down to zero or 10 energy, you’ll have to wait four full seconds to eviscerate. Holding 5 CPs for four seconds is not a productive habit with this build.


I normally open combat with a premed > garrote on a boss, then I do a 4 pt SnD. My next five CPs are spent on a rupture. Once I have both SnD and rupture up on my target I will Eviscerate every five CPs unless I need to refresh rupture and/or SnD before they run out. I won’t refresh Rupture until all charges have been used and I won’t refresh SnD until it has less than four seconds left.


Occasionally, Rupture and SnD will be due to fade w/in a second or two of each other. In those instances I will refresh the Rupture and do a refresh on SnD w/less than 5 CPs built up. This is the only instance in which I will do a less than 5 CP SnD. For one, I’m guaranteed 25 energy refunded at 5 CPs. Secondly, the smaller the number of SnDs, the larger the number of eviscerates.


Now, I could be wrong in my assumption that having less SnDs with this build is optimal. For my favorite combat spec a 3s/5r cycle is actually better DPS because it yields 100% rupture and 100% SnD uptime… whereas 5s/5r will give about 3.5 seconds of rupture downtime every cycle. It’s roughly a 15 DPS difference (for me with my gear).


I use hemo about once per 5 CPs (so long as I will still have 35 energy when I need to eviscerate). Occasionally I won’t have time or energy to Hemo before it’s time to eviscerate. It is very hard NOT to hemo spam… As a combat rogue I always SS spammed… the habit is hard to break. (Speaking of SS, I plan to model SS as an alternative to using Hemo)


I also vanish after my first garrote wears off (and my rupture is in place) so I can garrote again. I keep vanishing/garroting every time my vanish CD is up (that’s two minutes with the talent). Again, watch your energy!


I am still learning how to optimize this build, so if anyone else has other suggestions please comment!



HAT DPS Spreadsheet Complete (I think…)

Well, I finished up my HAT spreadsheet this weekend. I accidentally forgot to model the Hemo glyph… but I can get that done in no time when I get home today.

you can download the spreadsheet here.

I’m sure there are a few more kinks to be worked out, such as the crit rate not being 100% accurate (see previous post on HAT spreadsheet woes). For glancing blows I used 25% as the reduction rate, but I’m not 100% sure of that figure – needs more testing.

To be modeled still – Hemo Glyph, variable CP SnD’s and SS as a hemo substitute (w/glyph and talents).

HaT Spreadsheet Development Woes

I’m currently building a spreadsheet to model DPS for HaT builds since it has not been modeled (to my knowledge).

Of course it is very difficult (nigh impossible) to model the build from a “how many crits will my [ever changing in composition] group score and how often?” Instead, I’m opting for the “on average I build up 5 CPs in X seconds.” No, it’s not an exact science. It will give me a general idea of how increasing x, y or z stat will affect my DPS; how such and such talent will affect said DPS and/or what my optimal finishing cycle is (keeping rupture and SnD to 100% uptime… or as close as possible).

Now, onto my woe.

My character sheet lists 28.70% crit chance. My calculations were coming out to 29.02%. Then, I found a crit base modifier number on the Roguecraft spreadsheet.



and all that jazz.

Not quite… the base modifier is -0.295 

I now have 28.72% crit chance on my spreadsheet… #%@$^$!!@##

I know there is some silly little formula quirk SOMEWHERE!

but guess what?

I’m at work… 99.5% of useful WoW sites are blocked; EJ… roguespot… WoW forums… BLOCKED!



Of course I can go with rate found on my character sheet… but then I can’t manipulate stats properly.

I could also go with my current calculation – but it’s off .02%. Yeah, I know… its meant to be a general idea and in the grand scheme of things .02% isn’t going to make the Heavens fall from the sky. It’s just annoying.

If anyone is actually reading this… and you know the solution… I’ll blow you a virtual kiss for sharing it with me.

This is your friendly OCD blogger signing off.