Mobo = toast

Well my mobo bit the dust a while back… so i don’t know when i’ll be back to regular updates… I am able to play here and there occasionally when I boot my teenager offa her PC… So i’ll try to post some based off that time.



Well I’ve been out of town for a spell, so I haven’t updated anything (obviously). I started working on my next disco post when I realized the PTR notes and such were out… and they seem to bring about a LOT more changes than I had anticipated. So, I thought to myself “Self, what’s the point of doing a how to when everything is changing in the very near future?”

So, the series is postponed until the 3.1 patch is released. I will however review the current changes in my next post.

My UIs

Well I redid my UIs this weekend. Thought I’d share them with the few people that read this blog…

Priest (the ugly green boxes aren’t actually there… that’s just where my class timer bars for target and focus are):


Rogue UI (class timer bar – one bar version – is under the action bar below my character):


The Lost Patch

With all the buzz about patch 3.10 we, well I, sorta forgot all about the lil patch in between .08 and .1… oopsie

So far the only priest change listed is the long hoped for time increase to Inner Fire (30 min duration – up from 10!)

In 3.09 Rogues have quite a few changes though…

HFB – damage increasing from 3% to 5% per stack (guess we know why it jumps to 15% in a single stack in 3.10 now don’t we?)

Mind Numbing Poison changed from 60% reduced cast time to 30%. (meh… who cares?)

Mutilate damage bonus on poisoned target going down from 50% to 20% (my priest thanks you blizzard… now I may have a fighting chance once the all too long stun sequence is complete – hey at least I can get a heal off or something)

Slice and Dice – increased attack speed up from 30% to 40%. (This is a good across the board change for rogues that should help us struggle a little less on recount)

The Culling of Time (or How I n00b’d it up in Strat)

I logged into my rogue Monday to do my dailies and got a tell from a friend “You guys got any DPS for timed CoS?” Of course, I immediately asked the most needy person in the guild….

(OK so <—— was actually the next thing I typed)

I get my summons and go on my merry way. The group was a PUG prot warrior, my friend the healer (23/48 priest – yay for my old spec!), another rogue from our guild and an enhancement shaman (also a friend). All melee… woah!

The run went great (if you ignore the fact that an enhancement shaman was beating me by about 200 DPS on the meters) right up till the end – when it was still going great for everyone but me. I’ve never really done a timed run, I’ve made a few attempts at one but something always happened and before the 2nd boss we would know it would be fruitless to continue rushing.

Anyhow, we got to the last stop arthas makes before Mal’Ganis when I noticed he had stopped and the rest of the group kept on a truckin’ So me being the thoughtful player I am, talked to him so he could catch up to the others.

It was then that I noticed the others HAD GONE THE WRONG WAY!!! OH EM GEE!! So, I’m all like “HEY, YOU GUUUUYSSS” (in true goonies style of course) “it’s this way… quick arthas is getting pwnd!” So my friend, the smart mouth, is like “no raiv he’s this way”.

Right about now is when it dawned on me… Mal’Ganis doesn’t drop the mount… it’s a special mob (shut up Chromie I don’t want to hear your “I told you so” anymore).


Two seconds later I get an achievement, “The Culling of Time” (my second realization of what a noob I was because I’ve read this stupid thing like a bajillion times).

Immediately followed by my death.

I was out of range of the kill, so I didn’t get to roll on the mount. *sad panda*

That’s not it folks. Yeah, I know its kinda hard to be a tool at this point in the run… AMIRITE?

Some leather bracers dropped off the boss, which I only half glanced at and saw one or two stats that were melee-ish. I’m like asking the other rogue “care if I need on those with you?” I mean, my rogue is technically not my main anymore so I didn’t want to be rude now did I?

His response was a bit puzzling to me… “I needed them?” I’m thinking… hmm his bracers are less better (yes, I said less better) than mine… why wouldn’t he need those???! Maybe it’s because he’s a LW and he’s planning on crafting something better…

Thankfully I took a second look (and noticed everyone else greeding them as well) at them before making a ninja out of myself. I was thinking they were the epic leather bracers that drop in H-HoL…

Whew. I did manage to win the frost orb though!

Hallelujah! (or WoW Model Viewer is back)

So I was perusing the Tank Like a Girl blog today, and I saw this gem of a post!



EVAR! (or at least all week)

I’m completely beside myself with elation. The first thing I’m doing when I get home is making stuff…

Thank you to the people who picked up the project, I can’t wait to get home and play with it!!!


(that was a squeal of excitement… I hear girls are supposed to do that sometimes)

Anyhow is the new home for WMV. Enjoy!

TinyPriest – One Step Closer

I dinged 77 not too long ago and blew all my money on cold weather flying, epic flight training and the epic flying mount. I’ve had to recoup some of the costs by selling a dragon’s eye per day… >< instead of buying patterns… (my rogue is my JC).

Anyhow… I dinged 78 last night… WOO HOO!!! I’m really looking forward to heroics come level 80.

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