Mobo = toast

Well my mobo bit the dust a while back… so i don’t know when i’ll be back to regular updates… I am able to play here and there occasionally when I boot my teenager offa her PC… So i’ll try to post some based off that time.



  1. (Glad to hear you’re enjoying combat ^_^

    I was thinking about trying out a mut spec for PvP (shhh don’t tell anyone – it’ll ruin my rep). unfortunatly I think I vendored the Knife of Incision I picked up a few months ago… and since I’m not officially a priest i’d have to petition to get it back unless i got lucky enough to have time to pug 10 man naxx…)


    I knew you had it in you!

  2. RaiRai, its been over a month!!

    Come back to blogging, I am leveling a priest and I have no idea which spec is viable for LEVELING!

    Help MEH!

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