My UIs

Well I redid my UIs this weekend. Thought I’d share them with the few people that read this blog…

Priest (the ugly green boxes aren’t actually there… that’s just where my class timer bars for target and focus are):


Rogue UI (class timer bar – one bar version – is under the action bar below my character):




  1. ooooh I demand to know what addons you are using !!!!

    • Sure!

      Here’s a list of the addons you can see:

      Elkano’s Buff Bars
      Domino’s (action bars)
      X-Perl (unit frames of awesomeness)
      IceHUD (currently HUD shopping… or contemplating making an attempt at drawing some skins for IceHUD)
      Procodile (that’s the two bars to either side of the action bar directly under my toon)
      Carbonite (the quest tracking map in the top left is part of this addon)
      Eavesdrop (simple combat log – pictured above my minimap on the top pic but faded in the rogue pic)

      Some you can’t see but might be interested in:

      Parrot (I replaced my SCT with this… much cleaner)
      Ghost: Pulse (a cooldown monitor that flashes the skill/spell icon at you)
      EventAlert (used on my mage to monitor for Hot Streak procs… will work for any class that has proc abilities like priest surge of light)
      Recount (meters of awesomeness)
      DrDamage (currently doesn’t display with dominos for some reason… which makes me sad)
      Cellular (whisper mod – think of it as a light weight W.I.M. w/out the lag!)
      CowTip (lots of tool tip info including spec of your target!)
      ATSW (advanced trade skill window – skillet is a similar mod)
      CoolDown Timer (could have the name off – just displays the cool down of your abilities on the action bar button)
      ClassTimer (shows buffs/debuffs on you, your target and your focus either under one bar or seperate bars)

      I have some others like outfitter, atlas and auctioneer as well

  2. lol nice collection, Ill give some of them a try

    atm im just using titan panel, quest helper, metahud, auctioneer, atlas and recount

  3. Your UI is quite nice. Do you use a Widescreen display for the format?

    I have a 23″ widescreen with like 1980 something rather res, however, here are my addons and my format. I would put up a shot of my UI, but…I am at work, FTL.

    Rico Minimap (placed in bottom center of the screen)
    Bartender4, (I have equal number of bars on either side of the map in lower center)
    Quest Helper (Biggest pain in the arse now that it keeps telling me that it is broken)
    natur Casting bars (EPIC Casting Bars, shows enemy CDs, my CDs, my neighbor’s CD and HIS DOG’S CDs…EPIC status imo)
    Titanpanel (Only utilizing top bar, other bars are bloody annoying imo)
    MoveAnything (Sometimes…this mod…/facepalm)
    Cartographer3 (Like Google Earth for maps, it own /EVERYTHING)

    I got my inspiration for my UI from Akrios’ posting on his site…His is a bit cleaner than mine, but then again, he owns face much more Xxhard_corexX than I do.

    Your’s is really nice though, I like the buffbars, never thought of those…

    • well i got a new monitor after those shots were taken. the old on wasn’t widescreen but the new one is. Unfortuantely my mobo bit the dust… /sigh

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