Tiny Priest Takes the Plunge!

Oh no! Not that plunge… We could also call this post “Discipline, How Sweet Thou Art” (and believe you me – it is oh so sweet). After weeks of making excuses as to why I couldn’t respec just yet, I finally “just did it”. Nike would be proud – (possibly both of them). Don’t get the reference? Read up on pop culture in the 90s and Greek Mythology.

I might have mentioned that I spent some time healing as disc in BC. So, why should it be so difficult for me to make the switch now? In BC disc healing was still a lot like Holy healing (IMO to the best of my recollection) In today’s game – it is an entire shift of healing style.

Proactive v. Reactive

Penance is quite possible the best healing talent/spell in the game – EVER – Yes, it is THAT good. At first read it doesn’t “seem” that great TBH. I was meh about it when I first saw it. You really have to “see” this talent in action to fully appreciate it. It’s like a greater heal that takes less time to cast and if you get interrupted… it still heals for 33-66% of it’s total healing ability. Plus YOU GET MANA RETURNS! What happens if you stop your Gheal midcast? Nothing. Nil. Zip. Nada. Zilch. (except your tank might get too low and die… we all know what follows the tank dying)

Fheal? Barely touched it last night. Though I would imagine healing in heroics may require a bit more Fhealing than raids… I’ve only done one heroic as Discipline so I’ll get back to you on this one.

Shield… I loathed shield and scoffed at priests who spent three talents improving such a mana sink.

Every time you are able to shield, cast penance and PoM – you do (even when you don’t “need to” – this lets you keep grace x 3 on your tank). Penance and PoM are the highest HPM single target spells we priests have. Don’t get me started on the wonders of Penance again. Please.


I can’t decide whether to replace my fheal or HN glyph with the shield glyph (keeping my PoH glyph TYVM). Glyphed HN is really nice for fights like Loken (heroic HoL) and Loetheb (naxx). Fheal I don’t really use and OOM isn’t really an issue (so far)… so /shrug. I guess my best course of action is to try replacing the Fheal glyph with the shield glyph and see how it goes. I can always change it later.

Anyhow… that’s it for today.


raivyne Hangs Up Her HAT

That’s right… I have officially stopped raiding with my rogue. Incase none of you have figured it out yet… HAT is really unfun for solo daily quests and PvP (actually others may like HAT for PvP… I prefer combat myself). It has mild appeal for five man groups. The real fun of a HAT build is found while raiding IMHO. That’s where all the action and split second decisions are found (at least in a HAT build).

Since, I’m not raiding I’m back to my 7/57/7 build.

I’m not totally giving up on the spreadsheet… but it’s definitely on the back burner… My priest takes up most of my spare time right now.

Went to BGs Sunday night and had a blast with just me and a couple other guildies. We won all but one of our WSG games and managed to five cap AB four times in a row (thankfully the PUGs we got from other servers weren’t completely unintelligent). Further proof (to me) that even a small group of organized people can control the pace/outcome of a BG most of the time.

I almost got the achievement (in WSG) for 300k damage in a single BG, but missed the mark a bit. I can’t remember now that I’m away from the game if that achievement is WSG only or just general PvP… if it’s for any BG, it would definitely be easier to get in AB (as a guildie pointed out)… but most of the time in AB I can be found alone at the BS keeping watch and calling out incs… So, after the initial fight I don’t see much action. Occasionally I’ll go out with the “roaming death squad” to cap and help defend… but mostly I try to communicate (read: delegate) to the rest of the group. Mostly if we have a full (or almost full) premade for AB, I’ll go on the offense. Otherwise I just hide in the shadows.

Anyhow, I love playing combat spec in BGs. Cheerio!

Hallelujah! (or WoW Model Viewer is back)

So I was perusing the Tank Like a Girl blog today, and I saw this gem of a post!



EVAR! (or at least all week)

I’m completely beside myself with elation. The first thing I’m doing when I get home is making stuff…

Thank you to the people who picked up the project, I can’t wait to get home and play with it!!!


(that was a squeal of excitement… I hear girls are supposed to do that sometimes)

Anyhow wowprovider.com is the new home for WMV. Enjoy!

Tiny Priest Hits 80!

Well, I hit level 80 over the extended weekend. /yay I also earned the Northrend Dungeon Master title (apparently I had yet to do the CoT instance on my priest).

Priest report as follows:

Holy Respec (batman)

I figured with two resto shamans there was a good chance my IDS buff would be useless in raids. Now I could have just moved the two points (and that was the original plan), but from Meditation to DS there are six talents points that need spending… all for a whopping 20 SP (for just DS). That’s seven talents total for 20 SP. 20 SP is hardly worth seven talent points IMO. I was also was a bit unhappy with my performance in my first Heroic (HoS) as a healer. So, I went with a pretty standard 14/57 build (from 23/48 build).


What I didn’t take into account when looking at dropping DS was mp5. I think I lost a huge chunk of mana regen… and I detest mp5 as a stat on gear (probably the #1 reason I was a Hpriest in the first place). Mana regen was a bit of a problem for me in a couple of heroics over the weekend, but it wasn’t an issue in Naxx at all. Of course by the time I got to Naxx on Tuesday night I managed to FINALLY shed my PMC and WM BC tailoring sets…

Anyhow… I suck at remembering (or using properly) Guardian Spirit. I’m sure I just need to get used to it, so I’m not giving up just yet. I am going to respec again tonight and move around a few points… I find that I don’t use Gheal that much now that I’m out of normal dungeons it’s back to Fheal most of the time. I’ve also started using PoH like a madwoman! I ❤ PoH (maybe it’s the new glyph? /shrug). I have also ran into some issues with pushback in heroics…

So, my solution is to drop Improved Healing and Test of Faith in favor of Healing Focus, Holy Reach and Healing Prayers. I mainly took Holy Reach to avoid partial talents – I’m not all that excited about it. I am excited about Healing Prayers though… CoH –> PoH –> HN x 2 rinse and repeat as needed works out pretty well for party healing. PoH really zaps my mana though… so I’m hoping increasing its HPM will help. I am a little sad to drop Test of Faith… but I just keep telling myself that I’ll reach the point of diminishing returns on crit soon enough…
Glyphs Finalized

So the SoR and DM glyphs took a bit of a hit with this patch… *sad panda* The only major glyph I have that’s still the same is my Fheal glyph. I’ve replaced SoR and DM with the PoH and HN glyphs. The shield glyph was in the running as well… but the only person I really ever cast shield on is myself and I have DP for dire emergencies… so it remains a disc spec glyph for me.

Overall, I’m fairly pleased with the results so far.

Next post I’ll gab about my Heroic experiences and Naxx.

Another Spreadsheet Revision

Revised the HAT spreadsheet again to fix a MAJOR issue with negative DPS resulting from negative CPs used… GG me.

Addendum to Original HAT Cycle Post

I just wanted to revisit my HAT cycle post and HAT in general.

First thing with the HAT cycle, you’ll notice as your group builds gear and/or as you move into 25 mans that your CP generation will increase drastically. This is a GOOD THING… it will also require some adjustment in your finishers. You may find that you aren’t able to Hemo or BS or w/e every cycle or maybe one cycle you get two in and the next you only get one. Maybe you think vanishing and getting a garrote off every chance is a waste of time, OK so don’t do it! I find the extra 30 or so DPS nice… but it’s only thirty-ish /shrug.

The key to this build is flexibility! Split second assessment of SnD and Rupture timers along with Vanish, ShS (if you took that) and other key cooldowns is key – you need to assess where you are at and where you will most likely be when the next finisher comes up. Are you 3 seconds left with SnD and 4 with rupture? What do you do? How will you maximize the uptime of those?? In that situation your answer could be to refresh SnD with w/e CPs you have right then… then pop vanish > premed > garrote and a quick rupture. What if vanish is on CD? Hmm??

My mission each boss fight is to keep Rupture and SnD at an uptime of 100% without overwriting a rupture tick or more than 4 seconds of an SnD timer. At the same time I wanna take advantage of my ShS cooldown every thirty seconds and get a 5 pt ShS evis off. I want to vanish and garrote every time I can. Pop my trinkets at every cooldown. I monitor all that and my CPs. I could go from 1 to 5 in four or five seconds… maybe I’ll have as long as 8 “this time.”

I scoff at people who think that unbugged HAT is a mindless spec that ruins everything that rogues are about. NAY I SAY! Rogues are about DPS and quick reactions IMO. This build delivers on both fronts. This is the ONLY rogue build I’ve played in which you are never sure what your cycle is going to look like from 100 > 0 on a boss. I LOVE THAT. It makes me think. It’s a lot easier to maximize your DPS when your cycle is set in stone… you already know what cycle maximizes it (and if you’ve been playing a rogue for as long as I have – you’ve known for a VERY long time). Are you bored yet? I was.

When your CP generation is sketchy… all that you’ve taken for granted is GONE. It’s almost like being in a BG and not knowing how many horde, and what classes, are going to roll into try and yoink your flag… who’s with you right then? What’s your best course of action to stop or seriously impeded that flag carrier? Maybe I like this build because I enjoy PvP a lot. I’m not the most uber leet rogue in BGs… but I’ve earned my dues and some respect along the way. I’ve also made a newb out of myself on occasion. This build will do the same to ya… Don’t believe me? Try running it and spamming your CP generator and you’ll see what I mean.

I wanted to add a quick note on group composure. We all know that BM hunters are “like ZOMG must have in my group”. Well, what if ya don’t have any? Hmm? Like those of us still raiding 10 mans and such… Run some WWS reports and analyze them. Find out who your heavy crit’rs are. Something you may not have thought of… AoE crits count! It’s a special attack… it counts. I love being in a group with DKs… Pally healers… RET PALLIES… even a disc priest… you get the picture… don’t rely on other people to tell you who should be in your group. Run the WWS (or even a recount review is better than nothing) find out who’s critting the most and persuade your raid leaders to swap groups around for your benefit… it can only benefit the raid in the end yanno?

In closing, for those wondering about how HAT DPS will work out after the bug gets fixed, I can only offer my experience as solo HAT… It’s very viable DPSwise, at least at my current gear and PvE progression level. It’s especially viable IMO for undergeared rogues; but it does seem to scale well too… I’ve picked up at least 500 DPS over all since my first raid as HAT (and i’ve been playing the priest more and more), some of that is probably experience but I’ve got some good upgrades along the way too. Until we move up in the world I won’t comment too much on the scaling of HAT. If you’re trying out solo (or later unbugged) HAT, I urge you not to give up after a raid or two if it seems lackluster… this build takes some getting used to. Expecially if you’ve been combat as long as I was and used to that energy regen. Or maybe you just like the assurance of a set cycle… that’s OK too – just not as fun IMO.

Blog Banner

Just a quick note.

I’d really like to make a custom banner… but wowmodelviewer for LK doesn’t exist ATM. In game shots never come out as well as I’d like them to… though I might throw something together in combination with in game screens and photoshop… until then… enjoy the generic banner?